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Review the growing steps of China Excellent Kitchen Joint Development Association

In March, 2009, the sponsor of China Excellent Kitchen Association—Dandong Taizhi Kitchen Equipment Company, has exhibited High Density Water-carrying Smoke Separation Environmental Protection Extraction Hood and Nested Stove Incandescent-flame Gas Cooker (which both have won several National Patents,National New Key Products ) at Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & Supply Expo. During the exposition, the patent products have earned widespread concern. In May, Dandong Taizhi had spontaneously set up many communication meetings in Dandong. After agreement, China Excellent Kitchen Joint Development Association had been found and named the sponsor as the management organization of the association. Next, designated manufacture base, authorized suppliers, specialized representatives have been identified and all agree to joint enforce to promote and apply these two environmental protection products together. At present, domestic market has expanded its steps to - Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Sinkiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Anhui, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Fujian, Shanxi(2), Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang etc. And more, Excellent Kitchen has expended the abroad market to Canada, Russia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Dubai.
Plus, the foundation of Excellent Kitchen Association has won strong support from regional experts of field of Kitchen Products, which include Refrigeration Equipments, Stainless Products, Cooking Machinery, Kitchen Ventilator, Dish Deliver Lift, Gasification Liquefied Gas, Fast Food Furniture, Kitchen Water purifier, Western Equipment. One after another, related manufactures have joint in China Excellent Kitchen Joint Development Association and all have executed one unified standard to explore the market, in order that the customers can deeply experience the advantage of Excellent Kitchen Products on their functions, price, and service.

Focus on the promotion of environment protection exhaust hood,energy-saving gas cooker,which the configuration standards and functions have been fully updated
Eco-Gas Cooker:Incandescent-flame burner device,waste heat recycler system,which the long-life effect has been greatly improved(Before,these two core
components of factory warranty for one year,now factory warranty is raised to five years.)
Environment Protection Exhaust Hood:Fume separation,maintenance,and practical beautiful effect have been substantially increased.(Explosion-proof LED energy
saving lights are invisibly installed inside the exhaust hood).

The summary of outstanding performance of China Excellent Kitchen Joint Development Association
Environment Protection Exhaust Hood and Energy saving Gas Cooker have been presented at well-known expositions for the last four years.
The exhibition team of China Excellent Kitchen Joint Development Association for four consecutive years,focus on the promotion of energy-saving products at
Shanghai Hotlex,Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition Fair and the other Kitchenware Expositions.
Scene Demonstration of Environment Protection Exhaust Hoods and Energy saving Gas cookers at kitchens of user units
June 2011,In Jinan,Shandong Province,for the first time,hotel renovation and operation of practical case enhanced studies have been organized by China Hotel
Assocition.June 2012,national restaurant Eco-equipments and products selection guide conference,which both big events were held by Shandong Shunhe
International Hotel,by demonstration of Shunhe’s own kitchen,efficacy effect of China Excellent Kitchen’s Energy-saving Gas Cooker and Environment Protection
Exhaust Hood,which won great concern and strong support from China Hotel Association and leadership of catering enterprise.

Distinguished User Units,Supplier Representatives of China Excellent Kitchen Joint Development Association
Shandong Shunhe Hotel Gropu,Shunhe Business Hotel
Shandong Chao Yixing Restaurant Group Established Total 97 Chain Restaurants During 2010 To 2012.
Shandong Zhiwei Zhai Catering Group’s No.6 Zhiwei Zhai Restaurant
Shenyang Full Hall Red Dining Room Catering Group Established 6 Full Hall Red Dining Room Restaurants During 2009 To 2012
Liaoning Sino-Korean Joint Venture in Shenyang Chilbosan Hotel,Dandong Ryugyong Restaurant
Liaoning Shenyang Dongjia Swiss Hotel Group
Liaoning Shenyang Spring Garden BBQ King Catering Group
Liaoning Northeastern University Established 6 Cafeterias During 2009 To 2012
Liaoning Normal University Established 2 Cafeterias During 2009 To 2012
Liaoning Shenyang Military Region Command affiliated 6 dining halls
Liaoning Dandong New Andong Pavilion Seafood Restaurant Established Total 3 Branch Restaurants
Liaoning Benxi Prince Catering Group Established 5 Total Branch Restaurants During 2005 To 2012
Postal Savings Bank of China-Liaoning Province:Shenyang,Benxi,Dandong,Jinzhou,Panjin,Tieling,affiliated dining halls
Jilin Saint Group Restaurant Co.,Ltd(Mum’s Receipt Group)Established Total 3 Branch Restaurants During 2010 To 2012
Heilongjiang Qitaihe Hong Restaurant Food Trend
Heilongjiang Harbin Spring Garden BBQ King Restaurant
Beijing House of Mao Restaurant
Beijing Mr.Lee Catering Administer Public Co.,Ltd
Henan Kaifeng Five Star Zhongzhou International Hotel
Henan Luoyang Triumphal Arch Catering Service Co.,Ltd
Hebei Tangshan Blue Sky Restaurant
Hebei Shijiazhuang Spring Garden BBQ King Restaurant
Anhui Wuhu New World Restaurant
Sichuan International Studies University Cafeteria
Chongqing Da Ronghe Catering Group-Chongqing Da Ronghe High Grade Restaurant
Chongqing Shore Xinyuan Prime Catering Group-Five Star Water Ship Restaurant
Hubei Shiyan Fine Fuji Restaurant Group-Shiyan Eternity Fine Fuji Restaurant
Hunan Changde Gonghe Hotel Liability Co.,Ltd
Nanjing Yueshang Shanghai Moon Dining Group,Yuhua Branch
Shanghai Sinopec Hotel
Shanxi Taiyuan Oversea Restaurant Group
Sinkiang Saybagh Changfu Palace Restaurant
Inner Mongolia Tongliao Baokang Xin Harbor Restaurant
Guangdong Dongguan Guan Xiang House Restaurant
Embassy of People’s Republic of China in The Demo Cratic People’s Republic of Korea
Liaoning Dandong Taizhi Kitchen Equipment Co.,Ltd
Anhui Mid-West Hotel Equipment Support Center
Korean Asianlux Company
Further Developed Excellent Kitchen Association Joint Unit Will Make Greater Contribution To The Society Environment By Provide High Efficiency And Energy Saving Eco-kitchen

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