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Joining Standard

The requirements of Co-build units of China Excellent Joint Development Association:

1. Requirements for identified manufacture base of kitchen equipments products
 Product should have reached and exceeded the national standards related to energy saving technology, stable quality, outstanding features, and operation facility.
 Considerable professional producing capacity
 Capable to offer national after-sale service
2. Requirements for identified dealer
 proceed a large local distribution
 account for sufficient market share and local considerable influence
 proceed a installation and after-sales service team
3. Requirements for user representatives
 Local topical user representatives
 Local considerable influence
 Capable to install products and offer after-sales services

Joining Details Documents download
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Fill up the information form according to Association requirements, after Excellent Kitchen management approved and sign the relative agreements, and then authorized to be China Excellent Joint Development Association co-build units
Joining Association Purpose: Share in Resources, Share in Brands, Standardized management, and scientific benefits

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